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    The "For Men Only!" program is not a "quick fix". True, "For Men Only!" is easy to follow, and you WILL see results in a few weeks, but like anything worth doing, it does take at least a minimal amount of motivation, dedication and effort to see results.

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    Dr. Carlos J. Guzman-President
    Copytech Corporation
    Puerto Rico

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  • Weeks 1-4:
    Immediate gains in flaccid (unerect length) within the first 1-2 weeks. By weeks 3-4, you'll start noticing obvious erect gains and you'll notice harder erections and improved stamina.

  • Weeks 5-8:
    Chances are, your lover(s) will start to comment on your size and improved stamina. Don't be surprised if you start getting questions like "Has it grown?" or "Are you taking something?"

  • Weeks 9+:
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